Through the years, ITTQAN has worked with some of the largest local and international companies, and our departments have worked on many of the largest and most innovative projects in the sector. The Lawyers at ITTQAN work with banks, corporations, governmental agencies, and non-governmental agencies and on various matters ranging from IPO advice to large scale M&A.  These are some of the projects we have worked on:

ITTQAN was directly associated in the drafting of the following legislations:

1. Companies Law
2. Palestinian Commerce Law.
3. Banking Law.
4. Regulation of Specialized Lending Institutions
5. Competition (Antitrust) Law.
6. Income Tax Law.
7. Electronic Transactions Law.
8. Leasing Law
9. General Union of Palestinian Industries and Specialized Industry Union Regulations.
10. Guarantee of movable money transactions draft law.
11. Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Law.

Gaza Gas Project

ITTQAN was commissioned by the PIF to prepare a comprehensive legal assessment of the validity of the agreements signed between the Palestinian National Authority and British Gas (BG) and Consolidated Construction Consortium (CCC) who were granted an exclusive right to develop the natural gas field located off the shores of the Gaza Strip for commercial purposes. This study allowed ITTQAN to have unparalleled exposure and experience in the energy sector, the laws that govern it and the obstacles that may face any company attempting to operate in this sector in Palestine; especially as this sector has not been subject to change for some time and projects of this type occur in an extremely limited manner in Palestine.

Counselor to the Palestine Monetary Authority

Special counselor on drafting the Regulations on Supervising and Licensing of the Specialized Lending Institutions. And on drafting Instruction 1/2012 regarding the licensing of the specialized lending institutions in Palestine, and Instruction 2/2012 regarding the managing of the specialized lending institutions.
Special counselors on the transformation process of the Microfinance Institutions to Register Corporations under the GIZ funding project Promotion of the Microfinance Sector in the MENA region.

Deals experience

Legal Counselors for the Kuwaiti based ZAIN Telecommunications Company and Palestine Telecommunications Company (PalTel) acquisition deal in cooperation with Allen and Overy LLP, within which we had to coordinate our efforts with the Companies’ Controller and the Capital Market Authority and for which we also prepared shareholders’ agreements and the company’s prospectus.
We have conducted a complete and inclusive preliminary assessment, due diligence, drafting of the prospectus and the partnership agreements and all other relevant documents in relation to the Palestine Commercial Bank and Union Bank of Jordan merger deal.

IPO experience

Concluding the legal procedures for the establishment of Rafah Microfinance Bank (now/ Palestine National Bank), drafting of articles of association and by-laws, license issuing, conducting the IPO, preparation of constituent documents, the prospectus and preparing necessary agreements, contracts and shareholders’ agreements.

The set up of WASSEL Group. Drafting of the articles of association and by-laws, and shareholders’ agreements, and thoroughly examining all regulatory and licensing procedures and obtain and all necessary licenses and authorizations.