Litigation and Disputes
The firm also boasts a strong litigation department which has a vast resource of seasoned trial lawyers with demonstrated experience litigating before Palestinian courts. The combination of rich knowledge and experience equips ITTQAN with a professional, competent and specialized team that provides  adequate legal opinions and advice on many legal issues including drafting and reviewing  laws, regulations, policy papers and explanatory notes.

The expansion of businesses regionally and internationally demand the creation of complicated contracts subjected to international laws and standards. Thus, the complexity of contracts, which includes different demands and risks, requires specialized lawyers capable of dealing with such contracts and relations. A recognizable feature of our legal counsel is the combination of western and locally educated lawyers which adds to our multilingual skills and hence our ability to solve international disputes while ensuring the conveyance of legal information and opinions to our clients. We choose the most effective method of dispute resolution to solve each dispute, based on the contract and the underlying needs and relationships of the parties in conflict. Other than excelling in local litigation, our lawyers are specialized in alternative dispute resolution, including conciliation, mediation and arbitration, whether ad hoc or institutional. Additionally, we advise on risk management to ensure that our client’s business is conducted as smoothly as possible. This department expands to include performance of many other legal tasks including debt collection and obtaining prison orders.

Published at: Wednesday | 29/05/2019 - 12:05:40 PM