Rania Ghosheh Al-Jaber

Senior Partner

Paris-Sorbonne University

Corporate, Commercial, Intellectual property and legal review.

Attorney Rania Ghosheh Al-Jaber, is a graduate of Paris 1 Univesity Sorbonne and has extensive experience in the corporate and commercial sectors as well as intellectual property and legal review. Mrs. Ghosheh Al-Jaber has special emphasis in her career on entrepreneurship issues and start-ups, she herself, being an angel investor and co-founder of regional incubators and accelerators, she advises both founders and investors on matters regarding starting up the business, protecting rights, managing employee relations, registration of entities, locating investors and others. She plays a strong role in the drafting and negotiation of complex shareholder agreements, fund documents as well as resolving disputes between investors and founders. Capable of working in four languages (Arabic, English, French and Hebrew), Mrs. Ghosheh Al-Jaber can deal with international clients and situations.

Published at: Wednesday | 12/06/2019 - 11:06:20 AM