Dima Khashan

Miss Khashan is an excellent lawyer in drafting and revising all forms of contracts, and has cooperated in conducting a complete and inclusive preliminary assessment, due diligence, drafting of the prospectus and the partnership agreements and all other relevant documents in relation to the merger deals that were conducted by the firm.

Miss Khashan has a wide experience in registering and incorporating all kinds of corporations, handling all shareholders agreements/merger and acquisition deals, furthermore, Miss Khashan is an experienced lawyer in IP law.

Miss Khashan drafts legal papers, contracts, agreements, power of attorney, statements of claim and also advises on all other forms of Alternative dispute resolution (Arbitration, Mediaiton, negotiation, Etc..).

languages: Arabic, English and French.

Legal Trainee

LL.B degree from Birzeit university in 2016

LL.M degree in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution from Queen Mary University of London in 2018. 

Published at: Wednesday | 12/06/2019 - 12:06:24 PM